FOREO Make My Day UFO/UFO Mini Anti-Pollution & Hydrating Mask 7 x 6g


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Turn a 20-minute face treatment into a 90-second treat! Each premium mask formula pairs with a unique UFO routine designed to ensure glowing skin from morning ‚til night. FOREO Make My Day UFO? Activated Mask’s feature Hyaluronic Acid and Red Algae for deep hydration combined with pollution protection for radiant skin. The UFO Make My Day face mask treatment begins with 30 seconds of Thermotherapy and Red LED light to prep the skin and open the pores. The next 30 seconds integrate T-Sonic Pulsations to heighten the absorption of the mask essence. The final 30 seconds switch to a Green LED treatment and lower frequency pulsations, to even skin tone and add that radiant boost. The ultra-soft microfiber Make My Day mask ensures flawless skin from dawn to dusk and pairs with a unique UFO app-controlled treatment routine designed to give a wake up call and keep your skin healthy and radiant throughout the day. FOREO Call It a Night UFO? Activated Mask’s need to be paired with UFO or UFO mini device by FOREO. Wichtigste Eigenschaften und Vorteile: – Hydrating and anti-pollution mask, for skin that looks and feels hydrated, protected and refreshed. – Ultra-soft microfiber mask based on Korean skincare formulas, containing hyaluronic acid + red algae. – Hyaluronic acid instantly infuses moisture into skin, providing the perfect amount of hydration. – Antioxidant-rich red algae protects skin from harmful free radicals with an anti-pollution barrier. – 90-second treatment for instant results. – Evenly distributes mask formula across every area of the face. – Prepping: Thermotheraphy and revitalising red LED light smoothes and preps the skin to absorb the full benefits of the mask ingredients. – Moisturising: After 30 seconds, T-Sonic pulsations are added to the heat to facilitate absorption of hydrating ingredients. – Protection: Thermotherapy and low-frequency pulsations combine with green LED light to even skin tone for an instant boost of radiance. Mit natürliche


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