FOREO Matte Maniac UFO/UFO Mini Face Mask For Oily Skin 6 x 6g


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Check-Matte! Draw out impurities and instantly clarify your skin tone with the invigorating charcoal face mask. This extra purifying oil-free face mask helps to support the skin’s natural balance and mattifies your face to keep it clear and healthy-looking all day long. Matte Maniac’s concentrated Korean skincare formula pairs exclusively with UFO for a 90-sec routine. RESTORE YOUR PORES Made from charcoal and snow lotus, Matte Maniac is designed to remove oil and minimise the appearance of pores. Absorbent charcoal gently removes all toxins by drawing impurities and bacteria to the skin’s surface and fights blemishes for a flawless complexion. With its all-natural hydration properties, snow lotus detoxifies the skin and minimises the look of pores. TREAT YOUR SKIN RIGHT This UFO treatment opens with 30 seconds of preparing the skin utilising blue LED and heating. T-Sonic pulsations and cooling join in for the next 30 seconds to enhance blue light penetration that fights blemishes and targets imperfections. To end it off, red LED light is added to reduce redness and Cryo-Therapy closes the pores to lock in the Korean-made essence. A SMART FACE MASK THAT: – Draws out impurities for clean, healthy-looking skin. – Diminishes the appearance of imperfections. – Helps to support the skin’s natural oil balance. Product is compatible with UFO. Haupteigenschaften: – Extra-purifying face mask, for clear, healthy-looking skin that lasts. – Ultra-soft microfiber mask based on Korean skincare formulas, containing charcoal + snow lotus. – Charcoal fights blemishes and leaves the skin bright, gently removing all toxins and bacteria. – Snow lotus purifies the skin and detoxifies to minimise the appearance of pores and leaves the skin feeling fresh and vibrant. – Needs to be paired with UFO device by FOREO. – 90-second treatment for instant results. – Evenly distributes mask formula across every area of the face. – Prepping: Thermotherapy preps the skin to absorb the full


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