GUERLAIN ROUGE G Miami GlamThe Double Mirror Case – Customise Your Lipstick


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Guerlain den ersten individuell anpassbaren Lippenstift mit einem Doppelspiegel entwickelt: Rouge G de Guerlain. Choose your shade and case to create your own lipstick. A multitude of styles, from the most timeless to the most trendy, along with limited editions, to meet your every wish. Lipstick and case are sold as separate items. Rouge G lipstick cases purchased prior to April 2018 are not compatible with the new design. 1. The must-have lipstick goes by the name of Rouge G, the custom lipstick. My shade, my case, my style. 2. Guerlain’s alchemists have sealed intense colour and luscious lip care into a jewel formula, fashioned in an exceptional case. 3. Multifaceted, Rouge G is a Primer-Plumper, Liner and Lipstick in one. Designed by jeweller Lorenz Bäumer, the majestic case with the legendary curves and double mirror now comes in a number of styles so that you can find your perfect match.


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