Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 30ml 10 Light Porcelain (Light, Cool)


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Wünschen Sie sich den London-Look? Rimmel London introduces new shades of Match Perfection Foundation. The shades are classified by skin tone: very light, light, medium and dark to make it easier for you to find your perfect shade. Using smart-tone technology, it combines finely dispersed pigments that create natural-looking shades, and ingredients in the formula that enable it to blend seamlessly with skin. Haupteigenschaften: – Smart-tone technology. – 24 hour moisture complex leaves skin feeling hydrated. – Weicher Fokuspuder reduziert Unreinheiten, Poren und dunkle Ringe. – Medium coverage. – Up to SPF 20. Rimmel London is an inner confidence that how we look is always cool, irreverent, never predictable and always evolving. Rimmel is not perfection or intimidating, it is like London : young, urban, eclectic, edgy. It is expression with no rules, it is real, it is accessible. Live the London Look.


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